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Luke Smith-DVD Data

Luke Smith-The Bane had trouble getting 2% of the Human population to accept Bubble Shock!'s "special ingredient" and so they created the Archetype from thousands of samples of various entrants to the Bubble Shock! tour for the purpose of perfecting the formula so it would appeal to the entire population. The artificial being created had the sum of the strengths and weaknesses of all the scanned visitors, and an exceptional eidetic memory. He had no navel.

Shortly after the Archetype's "birth", Maria took him out of the factory and took him back to Sarah Jane Smith's house. With his new friends, Sarah Jane, Maria and Kelsey they defeated the Bane invasion plan together. After Sarah Jane suggested several names, including Alistair (after the Brigadier) and Harry (after Harry Sullivan), Maria thought of Luke. Sarah Jane had Mr Smith create adoption papers for Luke and took him in as her son. Sarah Jane describes Luke as "the most amazing mind on the planet". It later came to light that Luke has the potential for great telekinetic ability. Luke was later introduced to the Doctor, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones,Rose Tyler, Donna Noble and Harriet Jones following Earth's transportation to the Medusa Cascade and also appeared oblivious to the threat the Daleks posed to the Earth.

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