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This is for DVD entires for Dr. Who 4.5's Journal
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Below are the 11 most recent journal entries recorded in This is for DVD entires for Dr. Who 4.5's LiveJournal:

Saturday, August 9th, 2008
8:57 pm
Human quote-DVD Data

This is a quote used by the 4th Doctor in describing the human race. Sarah Jane repeats it back to the 10th Doctor to remind him of such words.

Homo sapiens. What an inventive, invincible species. It's only a few million years since they crawled up out of the mud and learned to walk. Puny, defenseless bipeds. They've survived flood, famine and plague. They've survived cosmic wars and holocausts. And now, here they are, out among the stars, waiting to begin a new life. Ready to outsit eternity. They're indomitable.”-The Ark in Space [12.2]


Click here for the actual scene

8:51 pm
Krotons-DVD Data

The Krotons evolved from predatory quasi-organic tellurium based crystal which could mimic their prey's abilities. At some point in their history they encountered a Human servo robot and, mimicked it, thus attained semi-sapience. As they evolved they became semi-sentient armoured crystalline beings which fed on/psychologically linked to mental vibrations.

The Kroton Absolute were overseen by the First Lattice, originally a fortress on the Kroton's home world, it contains the four highest brains in the Kroton Absolute. The First Lattice was moved from the Kroton home world when the war began with the Metatraxi, it took over four thousand Krotons to lift the First Lattice into orbit and it had exhausted all of them. The Krotons had crystalline bodies which can be broken down and reformed to suit the environment and the situation which they are in.

The Krotons encountered the Doctor on at least two occasions. On one occasion the Doctor killed a pair of Krotons stuck on a planet of Near-Human slaves known as Gonds. The Krotons had enslaved and manipulated the lives of the Gonds for generations so that they might power a dynatrope (a Kroton spacecraft) with mental energy and escape the planet. The Doctor assisted in the Krotons' destruction with sulfuric acid. 

In his sixth incarnation, the Doctor found a dynatrope with at least four Krotons on board and assisted a group of Humans in destroying two of them. He did allow the two survivors to escape.



8:42 pm
Xylok-DVD Data

Xylok-The Xylok were a mysterious crystalline race.

The Xylok seemed to be made of clear crystals, but they had a very unusual structure and were actually alive. They had the ability to contact with other Xylok remotely and interface with computers. They could also apparently survive for millions of years. Due to their crystalline and computer-like nature, they were also vulnerable to 21st century Earth computer viruses.

Roughly 60 million B.C.E., a Xylok ship or meteorite crashed into the planet Earth. All of the Xyloks were trapped in Earth's crust and were unable to escape. In 1883, during the volcanic eruption at Krakatoa, one Xylok crystal was released from under the Earth. This crystal was eventually picked up by geologists, but they were unable to comprehend it. They sent it to Sarah Jane Smith. The Xylok communicated with her via Sarah's laptop and convinced Sarah Jane that he could help her defend the Earth. It designed an advanced computer system for her to use as a body which she kept hidden in the attic of her home. The Xylok, then known as Mr Smith, bided its time.

Eventually, it was able to contact the Slitheen and convince them to help him. Though they believed he was simply helping them collect telekinetic power, he was actually maneuvering events so that he could use the telekinetic powers of Luke Smith to crash the Moon into the Earth. This would rip apart the planet, releasing the Xylok. Sarah Jane was able to infect Mr Smith with the Armageddon virus, which wiped his memories completely and stopped him from completing his purpose.
Later, Mr Smith returns to his original function. He is integral, in combined efforts with Torchwood Three and Martha Jones, in contacting the Doctor when Daleks invade Earth.

Friday, August 8th, 2008
11:35 pm
Luke Smith-DVD Data

Luke Smith-The Bane had trouble getting 2% of the Human population to accept Bubble Shock!'s "special ingredient" and so they created the Archetype from thousands of samples of various entrants to the Bubble Shock! tour for the purpose of perfecting the formula so it would appeal to the entire population. The artificial being created had the sum of the strengths and weaknesses of all the scanned visitors, and an exceptional eidetic memory. He had no navel.

Shortly after the Archetype's "birth", Maria took him out of the factory and took him back to Sarah Jane Smith's house. With his new friends, Sarah Jane, Maria and Kelsey they defeated the Bane invasion plan together. After Sarah Jane suggested several names, including Alistair (after the Brigadier) and Harry (after Harry Sullivan), Maria thought of Luke. Sarah Jane had Mr Smith create adoption papers for Luke and took him in as her son. Sarah Jane describes Luke as "the most amazing mind on the planet". It later came to light that Luke has the potential for great telekinetic ability. Luke was later introduced to the Doctor, Jack Harkness, Martha Jones,Rose Tyler, Donna Noble and Harriet Jones following Earth's transportation to the Medusa Cascade and also appeared oblivious to the threat the Daleks posed to the Earth.

11:32 pm
13 Bannerman Road-DVD Data

13 Bannerman Road-13 Bannerman Road is the address of a house in the London suburb of Ealing. It is the home of Sarah Jane Smith and her adopted son Luke; Sarah Jane, a freelance investigative journalist, also works from there. The house architecturally is more old-fashioned than the rest of the houses on Bannerman Road. It seems to be smaller than it looks from the street.

The living room is quite small, with an old television and various knickknacks collected by Sarah Jane during her travels. The attic is the largest room in the house, with a research laboratory and a computer called Mr Smith. Sarah Jane's adress was said directly after her name by Harriet Jones in The Stolen Earth.

11:28 pm
Arton Energy-DVD data

Artron energy-Artron energy has a connection with, apparently, both life force and with time travel, specifically the operations of a TARDIS Engin noted the Doctor must have a great reserves of artron energy to survive near-fatal attacks on his person while in the Matrix

The Time Lord Magnus encountered and attempted to exploit a living sphere of artron energy in space in the hope (in the words of the Doctor showing a projection of the incident) that it would have enabled the Time Lords "near-unlimited supply of temporal power and complete mastery over the Vortex". The presence of artron energy noted in Sarah Jane Smith's scan by the Bane, in part, alerted Mrs Wormwood to her.

8:50 pm
Azmael -DVD data

Azmael was a benevolent renegade Time Lord who emigrated from Gallifrey to the planet Jaconda, a planet of flightless bird people where he settled and ruled there benevolently until Mestor deposed him.

During the Doctor's fourth incarnation, the Doctor and Azmael had met up. Azmael had drunk so much that the Doctor had thrown into a pool to get him to sober up. Mestor, who commanded the Gastropods, then came to power and used a telepathic link with him to dominate his mind. Under the guise of Professor Edgeworth, the villainous Mestor forced Azmael to kidnap the two young genius identical twins, Romulus and Remus Sylvest. By this time, Azmael had reached the end of his limited number of regenerations.

Recently regenerated himself, the the Doctor, Peri and Hugo Lang come to Jaconda by happenstance, the Doctor recognized Azmael as a friend from their homeworld of Gallifrey. Cooperating with Mestor, in order to save his people, Azmael abandoned the Doctor and Peri resulting in them being taken captive. When Mestor took possession of Azmaels body and the Doctor destroyed Mestor's real body. Azmael, with Mestor's spirit within him, then forced himself to die by inducing a last regeneration. This causes the death of both Azmael and Mestor.




8:47 pm
Ood-DVD data

Ood-The Ood are a humanoid species with coleoid tentacles on the lower portions of their faces. In the distant future (circa 42nd century), the Ood are a slave race to humanity, performing menial tasks, and it is claimed that every human has an Ood servant. According to human characters in their first appearance, the Ood offer themselves for servitude willingly, having no goals of their own except to be given orders and to serve. It is also claimed that they cannot look after themselves, and if they do not receive orders, they pine away and die. However, mention is made of a group called the "Friends of the Ood" who are apparently lobbying for Ood freedom. Ood also have purple blood.

The Ood require a translator device, a small sphere connected to their "mouths" by a tube, to facilitate speech between them and humans. The tube was originally connecting their external brains to their body, but to use the creatures, far future humans would amputate the brain and instead fix the translator sphere where the brain used to be. There appears to be no gender differentiation among the Ood, and they say they require no names or titles as they are "one", but they do have designations such as "Ood 1 Alpha 1". The Ood are empaths, sharing among themselves a low-level telepathic communication field, rated at "Basic 5" (with "Basic 30" being the equivalent of screaming and "Basic 100" meaning brain death). When reaching out with their telepathic fields, it can be heard as singing. According to the Official Doctor Who Annual 2007 the Ood live on a planet in the Horsehead Nebula where they were governed by a Hive Mind but it was destroyed by Human colonists. According to the monster book Creatures and Demons, published in 2007, it says they come from the "Ood Sphere", close to the "Sense Sphere" planet, home to the Sensorites, who share a similarity with the Ood. With no hive mind the Ood offered themselves to the Human colonists and became a slave race.

When encountered by the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler in "The Impossible Planet", a large number of Ood accompanied a human-led expeditionary force on the planet Krop Tor, orbiting a black hole. The empathic nature of the Ood seemed to make them susceptible to psychic possession by the Beast, who formed the Ood on the base into his "Legion". While possessed, the Ood 'zapped' and killed two human security guards by throwing their translation spheres at them.

The Ood were defeated when Danny Bartok, the expedition member in charge of them, broadcasted a telepathic flare which reduced their field to "Basic Zero", creating a "brainstorm" which caused them to collapse. However, the telepathic field began to reassert itself after a time. When Krop Tor was sucked into the black hole, the Doctor was unable to save any of the Ood on the base, who had been freed of the Beast's control, and all of them perished.

On the return of the Ood in the 2008 story Planet of the Ood, it was revealed that they are not, in fact, born to serve, but are an enslaved race, with the translation spheres actually replacing their hind brain which had contained their individual personalities. The Doctor aids and successfully frees the race by releasing the main Ood brain, which links all Ood with a telepathic link (which may be why they were before only able to communicate at basic 5). Before this time it had been encapsuled for 200 years by those profiting from the Ood slave trade, Ood Operations. Over that time the brain adapted (either due or helped by the gradual lowering of its suppression field by a Friends Of The Ood activist infiltrated in Ood Operations), allowing it to influence the Ood's actions. It made some feral and vengeful, causing their eyes to glow as possession by the Beast did, while another it controlled to genetically reengineer the head of the slave trading company into an Ood. Once the Hive brain was freed, the Oods' song could be heard throughout the Human Empire, by Ood and Human alike. After this, all Ood were freed and sent back to the planet of the Ood.

8:46 pm
Logopolitans-DVD data

Logopolitans-The Logopolitans of the planet Logopolis were featured in the episode of the same name. The Logopolitans were a race of strange looking mathematicians concerned with entropy to make sure heat death of the universe did not occur. This was disturbed by the Master and the Logopolitons were killed, although the universe was saved.

8:44 pm
Crespallions-DVD data

Crespallions-Crespallions are a humanoid alien race with blue skin from a planet of the same name. Some are the average height of human adults and some are the average height of human children. They were seen in "End of the World" working on Platform One.

8:43 pm
Terilepitil-DVD Listing

Terilepitil-They are a reptilian humanoid species, they cannot survive long without breathing soliton gas, which is highly combustible when combined with oxygen. As an advanced society, they enjoy a heightened appreciation of both aesthetics and warfare, and have been known to employ bejeweled androids. Criminal punishment in Terileptil society includes life imprisonment working in tinclavic mines on the planet Raaga, often with sub-standard medical care.

In 1666, a group of Terileptil prison escapees hidden near London attempted to use a genetically enhanced version of the Black Plague to destroy humanity. The destruction of their lab in Pudding Lane — with help from the Doctor — causes the Great Fire of London.

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